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First Home Buyers

Buying your first home is such an exciting time. This will likely be the biggest purchase you will ever make, so we understand how daunting the process can be. Have no fear! We will work alongside you to ensure you are clear of the process EVERY STEP of the way, without overwhelming you.


Before you go out looking at properties, get in touch with By Design Mortgages, so that we can get you armed and ready to make offers on properties.  We will get you pre-approved finance so that you are clear on how much you are able to offer on a property, show the Real Estate Agents and Vendors that you are a serious buyer, and that your offer is an attractive one.  A pre-approval will also give you some negotiating power.


I know you have lots of questions, so talk to us Today.


There are many things to consider when looking at refinancing. We want to make sure that you are going to meet your goals, save money, and also ensure your mortgages are structured the best way to suit your existing and future needs.


Some of the reasons people will choose to change banks:

  • To get lower interest rates

  • You are wanting to borrow further money, to renovate or invest

  • You are going through a separation 

  • You are wanting to consolidate debt

  • Change your loan structure E.g.: you would like an interest only loan


Whatever the reason, By Design Mortgages will crunch the numbers for you, to ensure refinancing is worth doing.  There are costs associated with refinancing so we want to ensure you will be better off by doing so. 

Buying an Investment Property

Do you want to get onto the Investment Property Ladder?

A rental property purchase requires a 30% deposit. 


You may already be a home-owner and may be able to free up equity in your property instead of putting in your hard-earned cash for the deposit.  


Know your investment strategy! Are you wanting to invest for capital gains (profit once you sell)? Or are you wanting rental income/yield? 


By Design Mortgages can help you with:

  • Advice on structure

  • Can recommend and arrange meetings with Lawyers, Accountants and Valuers etc

  • Calculate if you can unlock your existing home equity to purchase the investment property

Top Up, Debt Consolidation, Personal Finance

If you are considering purchasing a new vehicle, want to do some maintenance on your property or you want to go on holiday, adding these to your home loan might be the most cost-effective way to do so.  


Have your credit cards or hire purchases got on top of you?  Are the repayments becoming too hard to manage? The solution might be as simple as combining all of these debts together into one loan and adding them to your home loan.  Usually your home loan rate will be lower than your existing loans and by combining them into one payment, you will find it cheaper and easier to manage.  


Let By Design Mortgages run the numbers for you and apply to the bank on your behalf.

Building/Construction and Renovating

Getting a pre-approval for a Construction loan is crucial.  Construction loans are different to your standard home loan and can be quite complex in nature.  It is easy for costs to blow out of budget if you are not careful. I strongly recommend you discuss your plans with By Design Mortgages BEFORE you commit to a builder or an agreement.


There are a few different ways to build, these include:

  • Relocatable Homes

  • Fixed Priced Building Contract

  • Turnkey Homes

  • Costs and Quotes Build

  • Kitset Homes


All of these options have different requirements from different banks.  I will be able to guide you through your chosen option, and discuss the pros and cons to each, along with the process and what documentation will be required.  Talk to me, to get an informed decision and to know what options will suit you. 

Re-Fixing Your Home Loan Rate

When your home loan interest rates come up for renewal, it is the perfect time to re-visit your goals and plan your future loan requirements when it comes to your home loans.


There is a potential to save you thousands of dollars in interest payments by making simple changes to your loan repayments and loan structure.  So, make sure you sit down with us to work out your options.

Selling and Buying a Property

If you are looking to upsize or downsize your existing home, there are some extra things to consider:

  • Will you need bridging finance?

  • Will my offer need to be subject to selling my existing property?

  • Can I keep my existing property, rent it out and move into the new property?

  • How will I make my offer look attractive to the Vendor and Real Estate Agent?

  • Should I sell my property first?


I can help you navigate this by running the numbers and working out the equity, as well as come up with a plan for your offer.

Speciality Lending

Sometimes your situation does not quite fit with the “Big Banks” policies.  There are likely other options that will suit you.  


Some of the common reasons for non-bank loans are as follows:

  • Business Start-Ups 

  • Tax Debt

  • Adverse Credit

  • Not enough income, or complex income


If you find it hard getting a loan through a main bank, chat with us to see how we can assist.

Other Services Include: 

All types of Insurances


If you need advice from an Accountant, Registered Valuer, Solicitor, Real Estate Agents, let me know, so I can put you in touch with professionals who can assist.

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